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Teach CPR Now For Big Profits is a complete system to get started in the CPR training business. It may be just what you've been looking for!

Teach CPR for big profits books

Our Experience, Your Success.

Two million people are certified in CPR every year, and over the last 25 years, we have educated tens of thousands of those students ourselves.

Now, let our years of experience benefit you, with a complete teaching system that shows you how to become a CPR instructor, and change peoples' lives forever.

In just a few short days you will be ready to start teaching, making a difference for others, and unlocking unlimited income potential for yourself.

Teach CPR and First Aid for extra money

Book 1: How To Start And Run Your Business

This expanded 4th Edition, 180-page manual offers step-by-step guidance on specific ways to quickly maximize your profits while offering your CPR training services. It covers everything you need to know in order to increase your income and minimize your expenses. You will replace the investment of this manual with one big job you land as a result of our step-by-step instruction! This information is not available anywhere else in published form!

Topics include: how to get new clients, how to set up your client’s AED system, how to set your prices, how to get referrals, AND MUCH MORE!

Teach CPR and First Aid for extra money

Book 2: How To Become An Outstanding Trainer

This expanded 4th Edition, 112-page manual offers step-by-step guidance on specific ways to outshine your competition by delivering outstanding CPR training services. It covers everything you need to know in order to impart your knowledge in the most effective way. Your students will leave feeling confidently informed.

Topics include: the proper way to correct your students, how to handle difficult students, smart ways to handle unexpected events, how to use humor effectively, the top 10 ways to prepare for your class, public speaking tips, AND MUCH MORE!

C. Arbogast, Christy’s CPR and 1st Aid, St. Cloud, FL

“The book is the ONLY one of its KIND, its great. Barbara really wants people to be successful in their own CPR business. She’s the BEST. Love your books.. I re read them all the time; I always seem to get new things out of them…” – C. Arbogast, Christy’s CPR and 1st Aid, St. Cloud, FL

Roberta Brooks, BA, RRT, CPR CAPE COD

“I found Barbara’s manuals to be a tremendous help to me. I just started my own CPR/First Aid business about a year ago and need all the help I could get. She answered just about any question I might have had about how to get started and on being a professional trainer. She also offered a great resource for materials and the sample letters were very helpful. My business has continued to grow every month thanks to her well orchestrated manuals.” – Roberta Brooks, BA, RRT, CPR CAPE COD, Falmouth MA

Mary Schafer, RN CCRN Ohio

“I purchased your CPR books last year and I have found them so wonderful. Detailed in so many ways and very well written!…. Your books have helped me develop a framework in such an easy and simple fashion to start my own CPR business. I am just now getting established and all of my startup problems and questions I have found the answers in your book.” UPDATE: “Your manual helped me jump start my business and was awesome! I still have it and reference it often! I have built a CPR business that is doing really well.” – Mary Schafer, RN CCRN Ohio

E. McConville, NREMT-P

“We bought your book last year and have implemented several of your great ideas and suggestions into our growing CPR business…thank you again for all of your valuable help!” – E. McConville, NREMT-P and T. McConville, RN, BSN, CEN, Tulsa, OK

Phoebe Zizo, Naples, FL

“Barbara, I enjoyed your books very much and found them helpful… Thank you!!!!!” – Phoebe Zizo, Naples, FL

Linda Wiest, Phoenix, AZ

“The books are very helpful! Lots of good, useful information….. Thank you so much for all of your advice!” – Linda Wiest, Phoenix, AZ

Jim Ingerson, BSN, RN, President, ABCD’s of CPR

“Thank you!… I appreciate the work you have done to give those just starting out a guideline to help… Your books have been very encouraging. I haven’t seen any materials like them for starting a business teaching CPR. I am very excited to get started… Thanks again for your encouragement and valuable information!” – Jim Ingerson, BSN, RN, President, ABCD’s of CPR, Acworth, GA

Sarah Hess, Sierra Madre, CA

“Thank you for putting together this wealth of information. It has been most helpful. Your manual demystified the process of starting a CPR business with tips for every phase of your business. I will keep this handy and refer to it often!!” – Sarah Hess, Sierra Madre, CA

Marcus P, RRT, South Ozone Park, NY

“Teach CPR for Big Profits was a well written, easy to read manual. The down to earth approach makes it very practical and easy to understand. This book contains pieces of information that would have never crossed my mind in building my CPR training business. Covering a wide range of concerns for instructors, from legal structure to marketing, this book can be considered a “complete” course in running your own CPR company. Thank you again for taking the time and effort to write this priceless piece of literature.” – Marcus P, RRT, South Ozone Park, NY

C. McLean, Puyallup WA

“Your manual was a great encouragement for me in starting my own CPR business.” – C. McLean, Puyallup WA